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Chora is the centrepiece of the show.

Seventeen personal, unedited journals,
written by women from all walks of life, lie
open on tables, to be read by gallery visitors. Each woman chose personal items to accompany her journal on the table  -
you could find toys, baby shoes, books,
crayons, sagegrass, a doll, a blanket, a shawl.

The  journals describe the birth or loss
of a child, the women's  thoughts during their daily lives with young children, or their feelings before, during, or in the absence   of pregnancy.

Their words filled me with awe. 
They wrote honestly, with astonishment and clarity, although some faced a bewildering loss of control and lack of support in their lives. Others had joyful experiences.
Some were tragic. All were important.

I owe these women my gratitude for their trust, their passion, and their courage.

Rachel Larson-Long
Betty-Ann Lampman
Leah Tanit
Lynne Milnes
Jillian Ridington
Karolle Wall
Louise Goodman
Sylvie Murray
Rumiko Kanesaka
Marnee Beauvais
Lily Rumi
Diana Thompson
Shauna Grylls

and those who chose to remain
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Leah Tanit
Rachel Larsen-Long
Jillian Ridington
Karolle Wall
Lynne Milnes
Betty-Ann Lampman