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Maternity as concept and as experience
Sampler (Daily Life)
Sixty embroidered panels with sewn -on objects depicting every possible aspect of conception - from beaded breast pads to baby spoons
Conceptions was created in dialogue with seventeen women during the years 1995-1999.
Each of these women wrote a personal journal which was exhibited on individual tables.
Every section of this project was inspired by and created from the knowledge and experiences    that these women shared with me.  I thank each of  these women deeply.
mothering /  birth art / conceiving /   motherhood / pregnancy art  childbearing  birthing art/  birth stories   midwifery art
Conceptions      Chora       200 Days      Primer     Sampler     Security Quilt     Veil     Statement     Essay     Bibliography        
Conceptions at the RAG 1999.  This image shows part of Chora in the foreground, Sampler on the close left wall,
Primer on the back left wall and 200 Days in the distance.
Conceptions at La Centrale/Galerie Powerhouse 2001.  
This image shows
Veil on the wall and some of Chora in the foreground.
Conceptions contains six sections
Conceptions was exhibited at
Neutral Ground in Regina, Saskatchewan,
Richmond Art Gallery in Richmond, BC and
La Centrale / Galerie Powerhouse in Montreal, Quebec

The essay "Conceptions in the making"
was published in
Pink Link ou La Proposition Rose
by La Centrale /Galerie Powerhouse
I wish  to  thank the Canada Council for their assistance funding this project.
Artist's Statement


Twelve paintings created in an iconic style,
with textbook imagery
Seventeen women's personal journals,
the centrepiece of the show.
200 Days
hat women consume, apply, ingest, use  or think about when they are pregnant or nursing.
Security Quilt
A handmade quilt appliqued with text ,
and  with plastic pacifiers attached.
Real and created obstetrical and
nursing instruments hung beneath
a pink wedding veil.
Conceptions      Chora       200 Days      Primer     Sampler     Security Quilt     Veil     Statement     Essay     Bibliography