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Diana Lynn Thompson
ephemeral art  interactive art   insertions  environmental installations  organic sculpture   site-sensitive art   land art  placings   salt spring island  canadian 
Diana Lynn Thompson is an installation artist who works with ephemeral moments, accumulated objects, collected stories and insertion/intervention strategies, which she documents in video and photographs. She took her BFA at the University of Victoria. Her works have been exhibited, performed and installed nationally and internationally.

In the 1980ís Diana worked as a park naturalist and botanical illustrator. This background in  - and deep love for - biology influences her work, which integrates scientific methodology with a poetic sense of wonder. She has been known to count every leaf on five trees, patiently collect and pin thousands of pine needles onto a gallery wall, and distribute 25,000 shaped pieces of shell to people around the world.  She has hand-made and numbered  thousands of ceramic stones which she then permanently placed on an eroding beach, and stitched and hung over 8000 brilliant autumn leaves at the SOFA Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana.

Currently she is making  "placings" in an attempt to make art that is so completely integrated into the environment that it becomes almost  invisible.