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185 High Hill Road,
Saltspring Island, BC Canada V8K 2N6


1991                       Upgraded undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria
1983                       Bachelor of Fine Arts, (First Class), University of Victoria


2005                       BC Arts Council Award
2005                       Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Annenburg Foundation Honorary Fellowship
2003                       BC Arts Council Award
2002                       Canada Council Travel Grant
2002                       SilvrettAtelier Symposium: Artist's Residency in Austria (Invitational)
2002                       The Vancouver Foundation Visual Arts Development Award
2001                       Gibraltar Point Arts Centre Artist's Residency Award
2001                       Atlin Arts Centre Artist's Residency Award
2000                       BC Arts Council Project Assistance Award
1999                       Canada Council Travel Grant
1995                       Canada Council Grant
1989 & 87              Art Studio Residency, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta; May-August
1982 & 81              Heather Cragg Scholarship and the University of Victoria's President's Scholarship
                                          awarded  both  years for outstanding achievement..

2007                       Environmental Studies class presentation, Saltspring Island Middle School
2006                       Illustrated lecture, "When I Grow Up"  Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts ,
                                           Indiana  University  (Bloomington)
                                Environmental Arts Class, Columbia Center for the Arts, March 27-31
                                Illustrated lecture "Ready and Willing to Work"  ECIAD March 20
2005                       Private tutoring: children"s art classes
2003                       CFRO Radio, Interview about "Gesture" August 22.
                                CBC Radio, National, Richardson's Roundup. Interview about "Gesture." July 25.
                                Grant Writing Workshop, CED Project, Saltspring Island.
2002                       Printmaking workshop, Saltspring Painters Guild
                                Illustrated Lecture "Does art have meaning?" ArtSpring Arts Centre, July 26.
                                Saltspring Island Artists in the Schools Program
2001                       Illustrated Lecture "As Necessary as Hunger" Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Nov.19.
2000                       Talk to Dr. A. Bartley"s UBC class about Science and Art, SAG
                                Talk to Camilla Pickard's ECIAD class about text and images in Hundreds & Thousands,
                                          Surrey Art Gallery.         
                                 Public  Lecture, "Quantifying the Unquantifiable" SAG, October 29.
1995                        Six week class (adult ed): "Drawing; Process and Technique"
1988                        Drawing Workshop, Saltspring Painters Guild
                                 BC Artists in the Schools Program
            80 & 79       Natural and Human History Interpreter, BC Parks.
1980,79,78            Taught adult education classes at North Island College. 


Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Surrey Art Gallery
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
Numerous private collections

Articles, Reviews, Publications, Video and TV.

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                   * these two articles were my reviews of other artist’s shows

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