Family 2
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Alvie Thompson - More Family!
MJT in front of the Whitehouse  c.1966
Carsick & Gravol-dosed Diana in front
of the Whitehouse c.66
Carol in front of the Whitehouse c.1966
Carol, Michael and Diana are Alvie's  kids, from his first 1950's family.
Carol now spells her name Karolle (and is known as Kea), Michael is Mykaljon (or "Noj") and Diana is Diana Lynn, but was also known as Freddy, Toad, and (briefly) Dhyana.

They are all abnormally talented, skillful, and successful people
in their own very odd, weird and obscure ways.

Noj is weirdest. He's an antiquarian bookseller and can be found in wild westcoast caves stargazing with the best of them. He is a steadfast friend,
a critical authority, a master of small miracles, and a challenging punster.

Diana is second-weirdest, she once numbered every leaf on five trees
and has a serious collection of objects with curious holes in them, a.k.a
She says her obsessive-compulsive nature is entirely under control.
She is able to speak in public so must be reasonably sane, right?
Diana wants to keep every friend she's ever made.

Kea is very reasonably sane and isn't even odd or obscure.  She works very very hard though, and is very good at her job, so that's a little weird. In the summer she relaxes by staring for hours and hours at old buildings, and at the sea and its creatures –usually through a  warped lens. 
This relaxation is interspersed with  hours of exhilaration as she sails BC's inside passage. She's also a true-blue friend, a mushy mum, a clear-eyed photographer and a sharply articulate wordsmith.
Alvie with Kea, Kaela and Westley 2006
checking out the camera, of course!