The Divot 2012



Alvin Thompson
Canadian PGA
Championship Winner 1962

The Masters in 1963 

Winner of the Ontario Open,
the BC Open
and the Manitoba Open
and more!
Alvie always liked to golf.
He got pretty darn good at it.

You can see in this picture how good he was. This was at something called the Kaiser Open. This was a HUGE picture on the front page of the
sports section of a newspaper. 

I dunno which newspaper,
but i think it was an important one.
To hear a Quicktime audiofile of Alvie's memories of Stan Leonard,
you can click
here (and then you have to be patient for a bit)
You can read about Alvie and a group of young Canadian golfers spying on the great Ben Hogan in this article by Irv Lightstone in Fairways Magazine