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Participant's stories
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Perhaps they were part of something
that was brought to the beach
like an ornamental basket
or a flashy dress, or maybe they came from far away, washed up by the sea –
but who would ever think two crazy Canadian tourists came here and left them on purpose, took pictures of them and spent the afternoon contemplating
the life of these shells?                                       
- BB& RM

It felt wonderful to place them and to think someone will find them. This beach is regularly beach-combed, and islanders decorate their yards with their findings.
The first day I arrived here I met a family singing out their discoveries on the
beach – Lavender glass!  Coal!  Cobalt glass! I imagine similar children finding
the shapes and treasuring them.
  - Anonymous

I waited a long time to scatter these pieces of shell. I am currently living a long way
from the ocean and did not want to scatter them on the shores of Lake Ontario -
it didn’t feel right. So I sent them to my sister and told her where to take them.
I wanted to set them free somewhere that held some significance for me.
I have spent many hours on this beach
and made many important decisions while running my hands through the pebbles on the shore. My sister said it was raining
and quiet --  just the way I had pictured it
in my head.
- Michelle

It  was cool, and the wind was blowing, slightly damp. I felt a lot of things as the shells were spread. I felt I was leaving treasures for others to find. I felt how connected I am to this place and the seasons…
The whole action seemed like sowing seeds for something new, and I think that
is why the weather was so important, the feeling of fall coming and the rain and grey that  was still familiar, but still brought something new and fresh, a shift in my life.

– Cameron
Rosebud, Hummingbird, Meadowlark and  Seaotter --Louis Bay, Nuchatlitz
Jillian Ridingtton - Maui
Joan Werner - Saltspring Island
Cameron Stewart - Point Roberts, Washington
alluvion    statement     essay     stories 1 - 2 - 3 - 4     participants     places     catalogue      Exhibitions: Two Rivers    NAG    CRAG