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Artist's Statement

Introductory Essay by Caffyn Kelley

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alluvion    statement     essay     stories 1 - 2 - 3 - 4     participants     places     catalogue      Exhibitions: Two Rivers    NAG    CRAG
An art project
that can be defined only in multiple overlapping terms.
It is community art, insertion and environmental art,
mail art, interactive art, public art and more.

The idea was to give individuals a way of connecting to a place, and that is the success of this project - it became a personal project within the larger context of  art, culture and our relationship to our environment.

This project started in the year 2000,
when a few dozen people were given small packages of shaped and engraved shell pieces. They were asked to take the time to return them to a favourite beach or body of water.

I gave the shell pieces to each person to do  with
what they wanted: no restrictions were made, and few suggestions offered.  What was most important was   the involvement of the individuals in an act of art, of celebration, thought, playfulness, meditation -- or a moment of decision-making, thoughtfulness,   honouring or joy.

By 2003, one hundred and forty people had been given envelopes of shells. So far over 140 people have responded with a story, a memory, photographs, soundbytes or video of their individual ceremonies, memorials or humorous strewings of the shells.

The project continues.

Alluvion was exhibited at the Campbell River and District Public Art Gallery in August 2004, at the Nanaimo Art Gallery (campus gallery) in September 2005 and the Two Rivers Gallery in January 2006.  A richly illustrated full-colour catalogue of participant's photographs and experiences (much more than is on this website) was published in September 2004. And as of summer 2008, the small eroded shells can still be found in certain well-loved places.
alluvion    statement     essay     stories 1 - 2 - 3 - 4     participants     places     catalogue      Exhibitions: Two Rivers    NAG    CRAG
This project was made possible with the assistance of the BC Arts Council
Rachel Larson-Long -- Flathead Lake, Montana
Westley Wall - Maui
Cameron Stewart - Point Roberts