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Childhood memories as they are kept
and rekindled by dolls

Artist's Statement  1996

I'm interested in memory. Dolls, so full of intense association, and yet so profoundly empty, seem a perfect container for our memories. Because they are lifeless, we fill them with ourselves - what we desire or fear, forgive or silence.

For this exhibition I have put together a collection of dolls that I've found or been given.
Some I have altered. I have also asked people for their memories of dolls, and these I've placed beside fictional stories that to me seem just as real. The drawings were made from the dolls, but my own memories, and those told to me, impinged on my thoughts, changing what I saw.

Proust believed that memory was untouchable, pure, "not informed of everything that happened since." Memory is also seen as an imaginary reconstruction, built out of our present needs, dreams, concerns. To me, memory is as alive as we are, giving depth to our lives and even, perhaps, giving us a chance at wisdom.
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