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projects 2001-05
Drift  /   Release
2,005  vitrified clay stones,  placed on a cobblestone beach in Victoria, BC.  Each stone was numbered.
The stones were  exhibited at the Kelowna Art Gallery
in the exhibition
2nd Nature in 2005.
song of the blue-eyed thrush
Impermanent installation in two California Live Oak trees. Djerassi Ranch, Woodside California
Ephemeral installation made in a grove of pines,  Woodside, California.
flower circles
lacunae for the burrowing pine-mouse
Soft green cotton cord looped through the branches of
an old moss-covered Red Cedar tree in the Great Bear Rainforest in Northwestern British Columbia. This was  featured in the film series
Landscape as Muse
ephemeral art installations nature-based art  time-based art  ephemeral art  Canadian organic sculpture  outdoor installation art
In  the tradition of flower carpets, (infiorata and alfombres de flores) rangoli, and kolams  around the world, these flower circles are done with a community spirit in celebration and in hope.
April to October 2003
Momentary installations made between the tides
on the popular beaches of Vancouver, Victoria, and Saltspring Island.
An environmental/interactive/insertion art project. Thousands of shaped and engraved pieces of shell  were given to 140 participants, who placed these shells on beaches, rivers and waterways around the world in commemoration, honouring, contemplation and gifting.
only connect
Picea glauca
2001. Installaton of thousands of Sitka Spruce cones placed beneath a small grove of Spruce trees in Northern BC.
2001. Honouring the people of Toronto Island and the Cottonwood trees whose roots hold the drifting sands of the island  together.
hundreds + thousands
2000-2001. A year-long project  with the Surrey Art Gallery.
Numbering every leaf on five trees (!) and writing poetic lines on leaves throughout Bear Creek Park.  When the leaves fell, they were collected, washed, dried, pressed and pinned  to the walls of the gallery. Gallery visitors were invited to participate.