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Black Burden
In 2011
I was invited to do an installation in response to the final exhibition of George Wallace's work
at The Point Gallery.

George Wallace had been fascinated by black stones. It seemed right to place black and dark grey stones close by  - both real and my own handmade ceramic stones.

Black Burden is an acknowledgement of Wallace's strength as an artist and his unwavering impulse to create - despite of, and through - numerous difficulties.   
At first the stones seem to be a barrier, making the footbridge impossible to cross. They  were also -without intent -  the size and shape of a coffin.

Soon after they were placed, black-tailed deer
used the bridge. Their footsteps made breaks and gaps in the rows, turning them slant.                    These unforeseen openings between the stones, plus the furiously changing light and shadows of quick autumn, brought disorder and randomness to what once was a barrier. The deer had broken the boundary  - which now gave options and possibilities.
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