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Open studio installation at the Gibraltar Point Center for the Arts 2001

Diana Lynn



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A few weeks after September 11th, 2001,
at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts,
over a thousand leaves were inscribed
with the names of the past and present
residents of Toronto Island.

As each name was written,
a wish for peace was said.

The leaves were from Cottonwood trees,
whose roots hold the sands of the island
together. Each leaf was individually
threaded and hung from the ceiling,
creating the feeling of being inside a tree.

Quiet fans allowed the leaves to turn gently.
Through the windows, the sound of the wind
and waves from Lake Ontario could be heard.
Within the room, a CD of ocean waves from
the  Pacific Ocean echoed back. 
Visitors were able to come into the studio
and walk among the hanging leaves.

The 1500 names written on the leaves
came from the following sources:

Toronto Island Who's Who
Rick/Simon's index of Toronto Island residents
Jimmy Jones
Toronto Island Resident lists 1903-4 and 1911
Ward's Island Honour Roll - First World war
Ward's Island Association 1928
Toronto Island Assessment Rolls 1954-55
Island School teachers List 1954
Island School Pupils 1957-58
Island school 1964 (grade 8)
Gibraltar Point Artists-in-Residence 2000-01
I want to thank Rick/Simon, Albert Fulton,
Jimmy Jones and Susan Serran for sharing
their knowledge and stories with me,
and Howard Broomfield for the recording
of  waves on the West Coast  that he made in 1987,
which was played continuously during the open house.
3310w  x  2110d  x  910 h