The third annual
saltspring island
flower circle
June 20, 2004   (Summer Solstice)
At the Peace Park in Ganges,
Saltspring Island, BC

10 am to 9 pm

     Diana Lynn


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1994 -2000
photos by Dexter Robson
Salt spring Island summer solstice flower circle  ehemeral environment art
solstice celebration  Saltspring Island solstice circle  particpatory community art
A hot sunny day,
groups of people coming by, 
the circle growing richer and more colourful with every contribution.

People brought flowers of all kinds: delphiniums, daisies, lilies, bluebells, roses,
cornflowers, lavender, calendulas and sage. Children brought small and large armfuls of blossoms. Even with the dry spring, flowers were found and given generously.

Because of the heat we placed most of the flowers directly on the cool grass (instead of in bowls) and watered them with a watering can. This worked very well, and the flowers stayed fresh and fragrant into the night.

Thank-you to everyone who joined in!
The 2004 flower circle was partially supported by the
Gulf Islands Community Arts Council and the BC Arts Council
To find out more about flower celebrations,
flower carpets and flower circles around the world,
you might like to try a search for the terms
Infiorata, Alfombres de Flores and Well Dressing.