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Artist's Statement

I chose to work in the valley below the dam because it wasn’t pristine. Bulldozers had shaped it and workers had laid down a culvert. It was already a space created by human hands, so I wasn’t interfering with the fragile alpine ecosystem. This gave me more scope than I normally have with my environmental work, as I am usually bound by the desire to be as discreet as possible. At this site,
I could draw large across the landscape, and it would work.

The landscape at Silvretta is powerful; the sheer
face of the dam holding back the water, the uninterrupted  line of the hydro pipe, and the force
of the mountains themselves.  It was exciting to feel such power, but it seemed appropriate and necessary to create a piece that employed a contrasting gestalt – as a form of balance or counterpoise to what was there. So I made a piece that lay down, that pooled and took its time, that moved back and forth across the landscape like
the gentle stroke of a hand on someone's back.

I loved working with the old cement culvert, using
it as the backbone for the organic shapes that wandered  and grew from its course. Beginning with simple  curving lines inspired by the alpine roads, the piece soon developed the shape of a living organism. It grew polyps and branches, it swayed and swelled into the forms of roots, the tissue of lungs, the interpenetration of placental cells. The entire image, as seen from the top of the dam, is
in the shape of an alder or wide  willow leaf. 

I have a wish for this piece. The grasses in the
valley grow thickly, covering stones like a blanket.
In a few years I'd like to see Meander under a carpet of grass, so it appears as a trace beneath the surface, a memory of something that lies hidden,
but is always there.

A video of Meander ,
filmed by Roland Haas,
is available.


Outdoor Installation in the Alps,
beneath the Silvretta Dam, Austria
August 2002
is funded by

     Diana Lynn



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