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Artist's Statement     

For the purpose of this project, I am looking     at beauty. By beauty I don't mean "pretty,"             I mean the sublime; what Rilke describes as "terror we are still just able to bear." Beauty as a grand synthesis, as the moment in science, art, philosophy or mathematics when things fall into place, where culture and nature join.

Writing poetic lines on leaves pursues that moment. It creates a physical bond between the articulate and the inarticulate, undoing separation. The hand, the body, the tangibility of the written word, becomes primary.
But placed into such ephemera, physicality dissolves, becomes mutable, theoretical, spirit, air.

Numbering all the leaves on a tree also conflates boundaries, creating a place for beauty to exist. By quantifying the unquantifiable I am playing the fool, turning logic on its head.  I am using scientific
method --  precise calculation, a provable point, an experiment  that can be weighed, counted, analysed and repeated  -- but I am taking it  to the extreme.  And by going beyond the point of reason,  I am able to turn it
around: science becomes more than empirically describing and deciphering the world, it becomes intimate  and poetic;
in spite of  itself,  it becomes filled with awe.       
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hundreds + thousands       project        statement        journal 1   2   3        poetry        bibliography        visitor comments