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Poetry on Leaves

n small script, on leaves throughout
the gardens and forests of Bear Creek park,
I carefully printed poetic lines. The idea was for people to find them by chance, for there to be
a sensual relationship between words and
trees -- as Don McKay said,
"We should be taking our poetry to the woods, 
  reading it out loud to the trees."

All of the poets and authors I quoted were very generous and freely gave me their permission
to use and write their words. I want to  thank them
all for this, and especially for their writing
and/or translations which have been so inspiring.

Margaret Atwood

William Blake

Kate Braid

Robert Browning

Emily Carr

Leonard Cohen

Lorna Crozier

Annie Dillard

Athena George

Thomas King

Patrick Lane

Don McKay

Jalal Al Rumi
(translated by
Coleman Barks)

Diana Lynn Thompson

Phyllis Webb

Anne Wilkinson
(permission granted by
Alan G. Wilkinson)

                              to realise
                                 so completely
                                    that you could  utterly
                                                     let go…
                                                                    -Emily Carr
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hundreds + thousands       project        statement        journal 1   2   3        poetry        bibliography        visitor comments
"shapes fall in a torrent of design"   - Phyllis Webb
Don't worry if you don't know the words"  - Kate Braid
"What a prize it is simply to open my eyes"   - Annie Dillard
Finding reason in beauty"   - D.L Thompson