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poetry in the landscape / writing on leaves / numbered leaves /  words on leaves / words and landscape/ numbering  every leaf on a tree /
                                                                                                                                                                  surrey art gallery bc canada
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I like this place a lot because it’s leafy.   Aneesha

I like the bowls, it was like nature in your hands.

One is forced to ask, in this quizzical haiku, what does it all mean?

I really like this exhibit because I like nature and it’s habitats.
Also the leaves are awesome.  Jonathan

This is the best ever. I like that you get to make the art.

So much work for little fingers to do and so much time,
thank you for blinding my mind with millions and inviting me in.

It’s cool because you get to do something.

But who can paint like nature; can imagination boast…hues like hers? 
James Thomson

I want all my best friends to come and experience too.

This is a wondrously overwhelming exhibition… on so many levels. 
You have absolutely succeeded in creating beauty as a grand synthesis. 
This is an enduring feeling and the space is stunningly beautiful.

Like rain, falling from the sky or from some unknown source. 
Frozen for a minute in time.

Very Peaceful, Very Autumn!

Search the leaves, search your soul, find the answers.  Klassen

Cool leaves love them feels like autumn.  Kim

Revelling in the minute of detail,
absorbed in the intricacies of form and texture. 
Stopping to notice and coming away satiated. 

I felt as if the leaves were a solace.  Comforting somehow. 
Also beautiful, wonderful!  I enjoyed just sitting in the room,
staring off into space, thinking, remembering falls of the past.
I loved it.  Sheila Uitulugt

An experience of this world – I like the idea of recycling / giving back
to the nature – life is just a moment – beauty is a fleeting moment.

It’s nice to see the natural world rather than the artificial one.

It made me see things differently.

I really liked the moving leaves.

Nature is part of life.  Thank you for taking the time to appreciate nature….   and we humans have such busy lives to lead! 

It was very nice. Thank you for opening up my soul and my mind to life!

I really like your idea.  It opens the world of different leaves to me.

Beautiful impression when you first walk in –
all those leaves dancing for us.  Very awe inspiring.

This is like nothing I have ever seen before! 
I could spend all day here!

This art gallery is cool and I like how you can put your own groups
of leaves up too.

You have restored my faith in art!
Visitor comments and contributions

Visitors to the gallery were offered  the chance to put notes on the walls
and in small white porcelain bowls. As well, i provided an interactive comment book in which i would answer any questions and tended to weekly. The gallery also offered a commenting wall with sticky-notes.
The quotes and notes on these pages are from these sources.
hundreds + thousands       project        statement        journal 1   2   3        poetry        bibliography        visitor comments