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poetry in the landscape / writing on leaves / numbered leaves /  words on leaves / words and landscape/ numbering  every leaf on a tree /
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Quotes from these books and manuscripts were assimilated into the project.
In other words, the words I wrote on leaves came from these texts.

All excerpts were  thankfully used with permission.

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Lines were quoted from the following poems: Lake song. I know not what to do, love.
I was born a boy, and a maiden, a plant. Still life. The red and the green. Poem of anxiety.
Summer acres. Poem in three parts. Alan Wilkinson.

Webb, Phyllis. Hanging Fire. Toronto: Coach House Press 1990.

Webb, Phyllis. The Vision Tree, Selected Poems. Ed. and introd. Sharon Thesen. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1985.
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hundreds + thousands       project        statement        journal 1   2   3        poetry        bibliography        visitor comments