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Photographs by DLT.  If you are in one of these photographs and don't want your image on the web, please accept my apologies,  contact me and I will remove it.
summer 1974
Hornby Preschool ' 75
summer faire 1977
Bob Phillips
between 1974 and 1983
Valerie 83

I was a teenager when I lived on Hornby, and my memories are as intense as any magnified 
high school  drama. I loved it there so much!  It is the place I go to in my dreams.  Decades now of  dreams played out on the mountains, fields, gardens  and beaches of Hornby.   I want to thank those     who were kind and treated  me gently ... or at least had some understanding of  the isolation and loneliness of that time.  I  was still a child, and made all the mistakes of the thoughtless, hopeful and unknowing.  Thank-you all for your patience, forgiveness and compassion through difficult times.   And of course  thank-you  for the joy,  the help, the friendship and sharing too!

Anne Ngan    ~     Ann Zielinski      ~     Betty Kennedy     ~    Bronwyn  Thom    ~      Darlene  Haber    ~       Dave     ~    Carol   ~   Steve & Laura    ~   Gordon Payne     ~     Heather     ~     Heinz and Nora      ~             Helen Gerow      ~      Jan Bevan    ~   Jeff Rubinoff     ~     Jenny  Wren     ~     the whole Fletcher Family   ~     Judy    ~     Kathy and Arthur     ~    Larry Smith     ~     Nadeane      ~    Pamela Cloud     ~    Pat Colin   ~    Shelagh & Sam    ~     Stevi     ~      Sue & Roger Trimble        ~      Suzanne     ~       The Savoies           ~      Rachel     ~       The woman who drove the delivery truck (Kay?)    ~    The Wyndams     ~     Valerie & Ken 

For a decades-long chronicle of  Hornby Island photographs, try viewing  Bob Cain's site.
hornby island photographs  hornby island 1970s.