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This work was done in the Great Bear Rainforest in September 2005 while being filmed
by the
291 Film Company. It was featured in their Landscape as Muse series on Bravo,
Knowledge Network and SCN TV.
The enormous red cedar trees in the Great Bear Rainforset were a source of fiber for the indigenous people of the area.. They wove their clothes, hats and baskets from cedar bark
and roots. By draping the tree with pale green cotton yarn (the kind used for knitting sweaters)
in shapes that echoed  the curve of the branches, I was speaking about
the physical connection between our bodies and the body of the tree.

The cotton cord would fall off (rot off) within a few months in the saturated Great Bear Rainforest.
(Tests at  my home, where it rains less, have shown it only lasted three months )