song of the blue-eyed thrush

work created and installed at the Djerassi resident artists program, 2005

    Diana Lynn



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materials: arbutus wood, linen/hemp cord, california live oak trees
size: created in four sections,  63' in total length

I listened to hermit thrushes, mourning doves, great horned owls and grey squirrels as I made this work.
There are no “real” blue-eyed thrushes.  It’s an invented name, which emphasizes that this is a piece for imagination and reflection – the visual equivalent of a song.

The intent of this piece is to create the feeling of being up in the spaces of these huge oaks  –  to allow our earth-bound bodies access to these heights. The ladders/bridges are guides, which allow our minds to move among the branches, creating a connection to the tree. 

Song of the Blue-Eyed Thrush is meant to be real and unreal, corporeal and abstract. I am interested in how concept and physicality merge – how something can be both material and intangible, how an object can produce an ingenious response.