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to hold you in my hands
The Point Gallery
June  July -  2011
Part of a three person show
"Observations" with Margaret Day and George Wallace
ephemeral art  art insertions  installations  organic sculpture   site-sensitive art   land art  saltspring island art handmade stones clay stones  ceramic stones
in memory of  Deboragh Gainer

To hold, to cradle, to embrace, to carry.

There's a strong pull of gravity in a dense, smooth stone.
It gives strength as well as rest. 

When I roll clay in the centre of my palms,      it's a healing act. 
The weight, the pressure and the touch
are restorative.

I've made thousands of stones.
Most have been given to beaches or favourite places, or to friends.                      For this project the handmade and real stones were laid down according to the architectural shape of the gallery,
the bare slab of slate by the stairs,
and the spaces between the trees. 

As humans
we often mark special places,
especially burial sites, with stones.

Part of the reason I make stones is to understand substance and stability.
Even rock wears down.
I can see my life as a single pebble on a beach, a shoulder of granite scarred by a glacier, or soft sandstone
eroding at a touch.

Holding a smooth, rounded stone has grounded me when nothing else has.
It's as if my body remembers
where it came from.
in my hands. Green stones
To hold you in my hands. White stones
To hold you in my hands: Trees
To hold you in my hands: Trees  (detail)
To hold you in my hands. Green stones (detail)
To hold you in my hands. White stones (detail)