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Snug was created
as a shelter for wild creatures.

It is a living, functional sculpture made from local materials, causing a minimal environmental footprint.

The twigs it is made up of  were all collected within walking distance of my studio. They were harvested from both fallen and living trees. Some of the twigs were prunings from our orchard, some were from clearing an overgrown trail.

While it was being built,  Snug was constantly being visited -- a clutch of young orb-weaving spiders covered the top of it one morning, and wasps and beetles constantly came by to check it out.

Left in the forest, it will provide shelter to a squirrel, a wren or Towhee, mice, snakes or myriads of insects. It was built to be used.

It was originally situated on the Hastings House Sculpture grounds in the summer of  2009.        It now resides undisturbed in a Coastal Douglas Fir forest.

36"L x 26"W x40"H
site-sensitive art  ephemeral art  environmental installation art  experiential art organic sculpture outdoor installation art  salt spring island art  canadian art
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