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Artist's Statement

Title of work:
My Community under Construction
(Industrial Quilt)

I documented with photos new developments in my community in a 3 km radius. The construction is happening at a fast hectic pace changing and impacting the communities in good and bad ways.  Sites include South False Creek that will be the Olympic village and condo community, to the new Canada Line along the Cambie St. corridor. I have also included the construction of a new community center with a new library and senior facilities, to homeowners renovating their houses.

I picked out eight traditional quilting square designs. The ribs of the quilt
that separate each square are a collage of  maps from  the area. 
The areas circled in red are where the changes are taking place in my community.

Materials:  I used vinyl siding and electrical wire that was stripped from a house in my neighbourhood.  I used the siding as the backing for my photographic collage images. I  hole punched into the squares and have quilted the pieces together with the wire.