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leaves and lace
art Mahon Hall Saltspring Island installation windows  leaves  curtains of leaves  organic sculpture

I was invited by the local Painter's Guild 
to do an installation in Mahon Hall                             for their Thanksgiving show.

I made lace curtains in what once
was the kitchen prep and serving area.
Mahon Hall, built in 1902,  hosted the SaltSpring Fall Fair for many years.  I imagined women in aprons baking pies and then formally serving tea to all who attended.

The windows are old, with small panes and      wooden mullions. The delicacy of lace seemed appropriate.  I cut the curtains with the idea of pinning autumn leaves to them, repeating the decorative pattern of the lace. 

But once the curtains were hung
the trees and harbour beyond could be seen.

Which changed my plan.

I pinned the leaves in drifts
as if they were falling into the room
from the wild cherries 
and maples outside.