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Recently a woman said to me, "I think the most important – and necessary – role of the artist right now is to teach us that every living thing on this earth is sacred."

It's a bold and encompassing statement, and
one I agree with. It's also an overwhelming idea
to completely comprehend. Is every seed, every mosquito and every strawberry sacred? And if so, how do I live my life – and create artwork – being constantly aware of this? Her statement creates
the same challenge as my desire to do no harm.
It’s an impossible goal to reach, but it's the intent that matters: trying to think about the repercussions of every action. Trying to pay attention to the smallest things.

This installation of carefully gathered leaves is about paying attention.  Placing each leaf on a thread, so that the colours and shapes can be easily seen, gives them a second chance to be celebrated. What is here, on this campus, is miraculous. If we all really paid attention, we’d be wandering around stunned at the sheer beauty
of the world.
Heartwood was created at the
SoFA  Gallery, Indiana University Bloomington,  in October 2006.
It was included in
Human Nature I,
a two-part exhibition about artists
and their relationship to science,
curated by Betsy Stirrat.

(please view the Human Nature website
for more information about this exhibition)

The installaton was created out of leaves found on the Bloomington  campus during
the 12 day installation period. The majority of the leaves were from native Sassafras,
Redbud and Eastern Dogwood trees,
with several other local and/or introduced species (Serviceberry, Firebush,
Mulberry and Black Gum)  threaded randomly among them.

Each leaf was sewn through with linen thread and hung from the ceiling of the gallery.
The artist wishes to thank the students and staff of Indiana University who helped create this installation: Betsy Stirrat and Rob Off
for their invitation and support; and Carly Park, Natalie, Nicole, Riva, Shelley and Sim for suffering through my exacting and tedious  demands and for managing to do serious work with only unfiltered tapwater for refreshment.
72” x 99” x 110”