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518 small porcelain bowls, hand-formed with patience
and pleasure. Starting as a small group,  they were altered
and added to over several years. They came together
in this form  during the summer of 2009.

The water they held reflected  the light from the sky,
the beach, and the harbour beside them. 
Their colours – tans, watery blues and muted greens –
corresponded to the hues of the landscape
where they were placed.

Hundreds of these bowls nested inside each other,
cup within cup, held in a bed of moss.
Their concentric circles echoed the growth rings of
the huge old maple tree stump they’d been placed in.

Each week I checked on the bowls, and if rainwater hadn’t
replenished them, I'd carefully refill each one.
At the end of the summer the porcelain bowls were gathered
up. They now have reconfigured again in an artist's garden..

art insertions  environmental installations  organic sculpture   site-sensitive art   ceramic situational art  canadian environmental art ceramic installations
Installed at the Hastings house Sculpture Garden, Saltspring Island BC  2009 
Installed at the Hastings house Sculpture Garden, Saltspring Island BC  2009 
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