being here
an installation in response to the islands

The Point Gallery
132 Beaver Point Road,
Saltspring Island

August  - September  2008
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Artist's Statement
August 2008

This past year I have stayed home after many
years of travelling and exhibiting elsewhere.
I've needed some quiet time and have found -
once again -  the complete equanimity that comes from pure appreciation. I've looked at the simple, beautiful shapes all around us and have
emulated some of them in porcelain.
It's a small show about making things,
loving things, and being here on this island.

Hanging from the ceiling and installed on the floor
of the gallery are "wonderful things" that have been made or found. The found objects are from the beaches of Saltspring, Vancouver Island
and other small  islands up the coast.
They represent a lifetime of looking at and collecting shells and stones (although many were gathered
just for this show). The handmade pieces are porcelain spirals, cones, cups, stones and tubes -
forms that were inspired directly from what can be found on the beaches surrounding us.

Paying attention to these small things
gives me absolute joy;
this show is about sharing this joy.

     Diana Lynn


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Being Here I
Being Here I                                                                         Local native shells and porcelain
Being Here IV                                                                                                                                             porcelain
Being Here IV  (detail)
K Wall photo
Being Here III
Being Here II                                                                                                                       Local native shells, linen thread and porcelain
K. Wall photo
Karolle Wall photo