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     When I got my little package of shell buttons, I was very happy to be included in the art adventure. I like things like this. I like to be out in nature and build little things ? leave little presents that people might find later ? maybe they will smile and make something for someone else. This kind of thing seems to happen more often than you might think. Gifts to strangers from the gifts that are just lying all around at the beach or in the woods. Why would we care? It doesnít make any sense, at least not to some people. Actually the ďSomeĒ people are who I think the gifts are really for (if they happen to be dragged by some kid down to the seashore). I want them to smile --
to be surprised by something that doesnít cost money and that is impermanent.

      So the project.
      My little treasure bag sat and sat in my room and in my book bag --
Hey, why wasnít
I having any fun? I was working too much! Too Busy! No kids dragging me to the beach! I was SOME people who needed to be surprised. The longer it went the more I got a little sinking feeling every time I looked at that little bag. What was the big deal? Just go out and scatter them at your favourite spot! (the nature reserve of course). Then I just decided to wait until I felt like it. That day came when my mother- in-law Jackie from England was here and we were out and about in town (and I had my little bag with meÖ) We walked over to that nice little path at Grace Point where you get to a little sitting place and even though you are in town it feels like youíre not. Anyway we didnít leave them there but just before at the shelly beach overlooking the marina.

        Jackie loved it and she took pictures of the little buttons and shells in the water. She even got up on the rocks to get some different angles. Then she sent me one of the shots from England and said how much she enjoyed doing it so I guess my stress about
not doing it was a waste because maybe the RIGHT TIME isnít really up to us anyway.  Then I sent the artist an anonymous postcard/photo and I was glad to give her a bit of wonder at who sent it --  since sheís full of fun and obviously lives for this kinda stuff.  It has also been fun to write about it  --  Iíve been a character all the way through -- can you guess who? Itís from a book, if you want to know.
                                                                                                  - Lynn