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Lianne Payne

I chose to disperse them in a couple of sites on a day that my parents and I went for a hike this past summer. My parents have been separated for over twenty years but are still in contact and get together for family occasions. The place we were hiking is in an area called Limehouse in eastern Ontario. Well-named, there exists much evidence of the time when a limehouse was in operation to produce lime. Many structures in the area are constructed of limestone. The park we visited held many memories for us all? it was a place we had frequented regularly as a family.
I chose a couple of sites that were rich in connections to the past. And as I walked, memories flooded back. Walking with my parents enriched the experience.

I have included five photographs to help convey the setting. The actual hike takes you through a variety of environments-it is a very stimulating journey.
The first site, shown in the first three images, was near/in a creek that we had visited many times as I grew up -- from ten years old to eighteen years old. The earlier years were years of discovery – the teen years, a scene of adolescent escape and partying…. Reflecting on this past and where I am now, with my parents, gave a sense of flow, change, growth, development and wisdom. The Alluvion pieces linked this past to the present and a commitment to the future.

The second site, depicted by the last two pictures, holds very special significance
to me and my mother and our family. The two pictures are taken from standing on a bridge and looking from one side and then the other - quite a story of contrast.
Its significance is that this is where mom and I scattered the ashes of her mother, my eighty-eight year old grandmother, Dee Dee.

Dee Dee had also joined us on a section of this walk and this bridge had been a favourite stop of hers. I honoured her here as I tossed the pieces to the flowing side.

My experience was therefore very personal and will have most meaning for me.
My mother visits these places more often than dad or I because of her proximity to it- so she will surely look for the pieces on future trips don’t imagine others will find them easily or see them as having much significance.

I enjoyed this experience as it enriched  a journey with my parents. They were curious about this activity so  I was able to engage them further into my world. 
My visit to Ontario was primarily to celebrate my fathers 70th birthday with him, family and friends, and to visit with close friends and family. This interlude deepened the value of these connections and relationships and unearthed memories. It was a time of reflection and celebration. Thank-you for your part in it.