Ewa Kujawska - Constance Bay
I had to wait and wait to bring the treasure you sent me (shell pieces) to my favourite beach in Constance Bay (one hour drive from Ottawa, 20 minutes from Kanata).  The weather and nature made the delay.  Because of much rain we had in May and July the level of the river was so high, that "my beach" vanished under the water.  We had a flood almost until the end of June!  But I got there just in time on a perfect, sunny day.  Refraction of the water made wonderful patterns in the sand.  The day was sunny and clear, fish came to keep me company and see the shell pieces I put "for them" in the cold water.  I felt so good and focused on releasing the pieces back into the water and sand.  It was very much like being in the middle of my own creation process enriched by being close to nature and so much connection (bare foot in cold water - fantastic)...when I was taking pictures…time just stopped.
                                                                                                                                          – Ewa

I came in the back way to Kipahulu, through rainstorms on the flanks of Haeleakala.
The storm surge from a Kona Storm was making the biggest surf I had ever seen.
I was placing the alluvion on a rocky headland above the waves - just a narrow sliver of lava.
It was too dangerous to go down to the beach. I started making patterns with the shells -
everything was fine until I looked up  and saw a sudden squall approaching.
There I was, perched onthis lava shelf above raging surf – with another storm about to land. 
I felt a sort of imminent danger – as if I had to finish quickly or I would get drenched,
or swept off the cliff by a rogue wave. 
But when I finished placing the alluvion, the sun broke through for a minute and there was a gorgeous  rainbow --  this is Hana, after all, and squalls
and rainshowers and rainbows are constant here.
                                                                                                             - Michael John
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M.J.Thompson - Hana
MJT-- Hana
It felt like leaving a gift...
like they were going
back home again.

            -  Linda Lopez
Graham Dowden -Stave Lake
Ian Thomas - Requeson Bay

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