Roland Haas
Marmolejo, Chile

Originally I wanted to do something on top of Marmolejo, something like a compass-card (wind-rose). It would have made sense only on the peak. So coming back to our campsite I knew I had to do something else and what I did was more spontaneous: I found the spot: black lava gravel surrounded by white snow. On this spot I found that bigger piece of rock and the smaller one and almost automatically not to say "remote-controlled" because of thin air and exhaustion I built a small table and started to play around on it with the shell pieces. I had not much time as the others were already working hard to clean up the camp site and we had to ski and climb down another 1.500 vertical meters. So this line of shells I made came out instinctively and not intellectually. I liked it immediately, took the photos and went off.

I was very satisfied with my "art work". I liked the idea that nobody else will ever see them there. The heavy storms up there will blow them away so maybe a climber could find the one or the other on the lava gravel accidentally. But more likely they will be carried on to the snow, will be covered there by fresh snow and within thousands of years flowing down the glacier, pulverized by the ice and as finest sand grains they will arrive "home" in the pacific by the melt-water streams.