From: Dawn Dale
Diana Lynn
Monday, September 08, 2003 11:56 AM
Responses- for Alluvion

Where did you scatter the pieces of shell?
At the edge of La Rivière L'Outaouais*, near the Aylmer bike path. (In my mind, it is the above name, rather
than the Ottawa River. Part of my life is lived in English, but I live the river part in French.)

I like to be out and about in the morning, before the bike path gets crowded. This summer, though, I was working on a project and going home late in the afternoon on the bike path. I loved the wind in the poplars
and the waves on the lake. This morning was very bright, yet serene and calm.  The place is not a beach, just
a stretch of rocky river shoreline that I like to look out from when I pass by on my bicycle. In general, I love water,
it has appeared often in my own work.  I love to swim and float and feel supported by the cool fluid fingers
of water.

I tucked a few of them in amongst the water plants, sprinkling them rather than scattering them. Before I put them at the water's edge I had sorted out all the ones that had a sharp edge (I had done that as soon as I first received the package in the mail). Maybe the people who are feeding the ducks will see them but I do not imagine a lot of people exploring at this point on the shore. I did not put all of the round ones in the water, in fact, I felt compelled to pick up most of the pieces and send them back to you.

They look like miniature celestial orbs that came down in the night. I got carried away taking pictures thinking
of all the potential macro/micro connotations of these small round forms. Finding the feathers was an extra bonus. The project took on real meaning for me personally when I started to explore the macro environment that I had place the forms within. It was a delightful experience, thank you.
Maybe, I will be the one to rediscover them.

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