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Molly and I spent a lot of time discussing an appropriate site to return the shells to.  We thought of our favourite local beaches: Sidney Spit, Coles Bay, and Island View Beach.  However, we both agreed that the appropriate place to take the shells would be Sunny Beach.  Molly's parents owned a resort on Okanagan Lake when we were kids.  The resort was named Sunny Beach Resort.  You have to remember that Molly and I were childhood sweethearts, so we spent a lot of great times on the beach there.  Molly's folks sold the resort in the mid 1970's and the site was developed into condominiums.  This fall, we went there with your shells intending to scatter them on the beach.  However, we could not access the beach because a fence blocked access from the public access next door to the condominiums.  It was an odd experience to remember that Molly's father had built the fence to keep the young kids staying at Sunny Beach from straying onto the public access roadway. 

Your reminder came at a good time.  We went out this weekend and scattered the shells on another important beach in our lives: Sidney Spit.  The actual location: 48*38.538 N Latitude 123*20.100 W Longitude marks our favourite anchorage. 

Brian and Molly MacKenzie