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detail of Release                                                   ceramic and stone
August 22nd, 2006

Seven thirty in the morning.
Fog & bright sun, cold water.
Early  joggers and dog walkers
on the path above the cliffs.

I carried eight bucket of stones to the beach,
in four trips from the car. Across the field,
down the two flights of stairs, then
slip-sliding across the cobbles.
The tide was very low. I scattered
and placed them high and low
across the beach.
Some I threw - backhanded, like a child -
into the water.

The white ones stood out brilliantly -
I wanted to hide them, so buried many.
The grey and brown ones fit in easily -
but their numbers seemed so very obvious. Was I being too sensitive --
or were they really so noticeable?

I've been wanting to do this since the spring.
1900 or so have made it to the beach
and more will get there soon.
The project has returned back
to where it began:
stones on a beach,
the deep comfort
of a single stone
in my hand.


Victoria, British Columbia
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This project was made possible with the assistance of the BC Arts Council